Under construction… but be assured that the Luminous Mysteries lead us to the proper disposition of living in the image of God over self as rooted in proper fear of the Lord by the living example of following the teachings of Jesus Christ who came to do the will of His Father in Heaven.

We can also consider that (Servile) Fear of the Lord is mostly underscored in the Merciful Mysteries of the Old Testament, and (Filial) Fear of the Lord (also known as Piety) is mainly accentuated by the example of Mary in the Joyful Mysteries and by the centuries of community of saints in the Faithful Mysteries of the New Testament Church.  In these we can see that both are compacting the Principle Human Passions of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of Man, tempering us through the Word made Flesh, God Incarnate of Wisdom in fear of the Lord.