Under construction… but be assured that the Sorrowful Mysteries lead us to the proper disposition of the love of God over self concern in our own sufferings since for the Son of God and Son of Man “there was no man, neither found He any to comfort Him” – and He was without sin.

Therefore with this conclusion of the “Passion” of Christ… the Joyful, Gracious, Luminous, and Sorrowful Mysteries show us the fullness of the four Principle Human Passions of Jesus Christ by these living examples of the perfection of His youthful life, of His maturation in dieing to self, of His powerfully eternal teaching, and finally the taking up of His cross and faithfully executing God’s Holy Will unto death by both enduring and perfect mastery of human joy, hope, fear, and sorrow to deliver us from evil and set us free from sin.

How abundantly clear this has now allowed us of a spectacular synopsis of His Humanity and Perfect Humility seen through the tear-filled and watchful eyes of His Mother Mary, Our Holy Queen!

With this knowledge you might have begun to notice how this Holy Week of prayer outlines the mirror image of God’s six days of “work” beginning with… 1.) the Merciful Mysteries of Belief in the Old Testament Covenants of God to man leading us to become sons of God and, 2-5.) The Joyful, Gracious, Luminous, and Sorrowful Mysteries revealing the way to follow Christ by the examples of His mastery of the four principle human passions through His Incarnate Life; 6.) the Faithful Mysteries of the New Testament Church that exists to sustain us in faithful devotion to God’s Holy Word, and 7.) the Glorious Mysteries of our Eternal Reward, being finally at rest with Our Lord.

And in this knowledge we come to realize why Christ taught that our sorrow will be turned into joy!