3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-4. “And when the days of the Pentecost were accomplished, they were all together in one place: and suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a mighty wind coming, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. And there appeared to them parted tongues as it were of fire, and it sat upon every one of them: and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they began to speak with divers tongues, according as the Holy Ghost gave them to speak.”

“‘Holy Spirit’ is the proper name of the one whom we adore and glorify with the Father and the Son.  The Church has received this name from the Lord and professes it in the Baptism of her new children” (CCC, 691).

[“This fullness of the Spirit was not to remain uniquely the Messiah’s, but was to be communicated to the whole messianic people. (Cf. Ezek 36:25-27; Joel 3:1-2.)  On several occasions Christ promised this outpouring of the Spirit, (Cf. Lk 12:12; Jn 3:5-8; 7:37-39; 16:7-15; Acts 1:8.) a promise which he fulfilled first on Easter Sunday and then more strikingly at Pentecost. (Cf. Jn 20:22; Acts 2:1-4.)  Filled with the Holy Spirit the apostles began to proclaim “the mighty works of God,” and Peter declared this outpouring of the Spirit to be the sign of the messianic age. (Acts 2:11; cf. 2:17-18.)  Those who believed in the apostolic preaching and were baptized received the gift of the Holy Spirit in their turn (Cf. Acts 2:38)” (CCC, 1287).]  Vatican

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys (contemplating the mystery), Glory Be and Fatima Prayer.