Original Rosary Meditations

Throughout the past eight hundred years these three meditations have been regarded as the principle means of contemplation outside of the Celebration of Mass on the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord and can be found at the following site…


If we are truly open to recognize how the Holy Spirit continues to work through the graces endowed upon us at Baptism and utilize them for the advancement of Truth in Christ’s Church through the headship of Our Lord’s Vicar on Earth, then a very real focal point for the decisions that are current today within our world and the Catholic Church was reintroduced at the beginning of this new millennium by the Luminous Mysteries.  Hearing that so many do not believe in the True Presence of Christ in Holy Eucharist, it has become obvious that the real underpinning of faith in Jesus Christ needs to be readdressed to relearn what it is that Jesus taught for us to live in true belief.

The entire purpose for a Holy Family Rosary exists to achieve this essential and ideal goal.